Catching up

I cannot believe it was 2014 when I last wrote on my blog. Such a lot has happened and I must admit I struggled to know how to use WordPress and still am not sure but thought I would give it another go. The latest book I have been involved with is called Silent Voices and, along with Jo Allmond, we have collected poems written by those that are rarely heard. People with a disability or their carers. Bearing in mind that not all disabilities are visable. We have been heartened by the interest shown and hopefully we will raise awareness of some of the difficulties faced by people struggle to manage.



Very excited, waiting for the proof of my first poetry book to come from CreateSpace. Any other writers out there been through this experience.

16th November

Horray – at last someone is talking about raising the standards of care workers, ensuring that suitable training is given. Don’t know how long this will all take but at least they are TALKING about it which means the problems in the caring profession are at last being recognised. So many adverts say ‘no experience necessary’, yet it is such an important role. Perhaps with better training the job will earn more respect and better rates of pay.

another vulnerable adult

For anyone who has not heard of this young woman, Gemma Hayter was a 27 year old vulnerable adult who was beaten to death by people who professed to be her friends. As usual we have apologies from all the Agencies concerned, reviews and promises, but the truth is no single agency took responsibility for this young woman and therefore she was not cared for as was necessary.  What’s new.  I despair. Often. As we hear time after time of the inadequacies in our system. It underlines what I have said before about the suggested Independent Living – the teams are not there to care in the community. Please will anyone with a friend or family member with a learning disability watch carefully about proposals that would bring this into force. One does not suit all, we need various ways of caring and we need it to be done properly by trained people.

Other than that, a fairly ordinary November day, but it has made me more resolute about finding a publisher prepared to print my manuscript about life with my son.

Busy Thursday

Piano lesson AM home for lunch, teaching in the afternoon, flu jab,teaching again, dinner, then visit the new Arts and Craft shop who are holding an open evening in Gloucester. Well worth a visit folks and you know everything is locally made. Off to Pershore in the morning for creative writing class. Great group of people and always an enjoyable morning.

Independent living

After listening to a radio programme regarding the above for people with a learning disability I decided it was time to get a blog going, having said I was going to set one up months ago. I was so angry with the comments made i.e. ALL people with a learning disability could live on their own (with support) that I replied and was given the chance of replying on air.  My son is 47 years old and I am still amazed at the rubbish that is trotted out at regular intervals by the “experts”.  He was also diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome when in his 30’s and absolutely hates change of any kind.

Anyone out there with similar views (or not),always interested to hear what other parents have experienced and as I have written an account of what has happened to us as a family I hope at some point, it will get published. Must put some more effort into this.

The last week has been hectic in general with an Adult Learners Concert on Saturday where anyone learning to play an instrument or to sing were welcome. I play the piano and admit to be a nervous wreck at having to perform but am always glad I made the effort after it is all over!! This is the second one to be held in Gloucester and hopefully will help to put us on the ‘music’ map so to speak.  Went to creative writing class on Friday – love it, we have a really great bunch of people.  Out to lunch with a friend tomorrow so will catch up with the blog later in the day. Night all!

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