another vulnerable adult

For anyone who has not heard of this young woman, Gemma Hayter was a 27 year old vulnerable adult who was beaten to death by people who professed to be her friends. As usual we have apologies from all the Agencies concerned, reviews and promises, but the truth is no single agency took responsibility for this young woman and therefore she was not cared for as was necessary.  What’s new.  I despair. Often. As we hear time after time of the inadequacies in our system. It underlines what I have said before about the suggested Independent Living – the teams are not there to care in the community. Please will anyone with a friend or family member with a learning disability watch carefully about proposals that would bring this into force. One does not suit all, we need various ways of caring and we need it to be done properly by trained people.

Other than that, a fairly ordinary November day, but it has made me more resolute about finding a publisher prepared to print my manuscript about life with my son.


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